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Talking Football with Coach McKie

Jul 31, 2018

Are you thinking about installing and running the Air Raid Mesh Concept? Do you need ideas on how to practice if you have low numbers? Want to know what the Scissors concept is and how to match it up with the Air Raid '6' concept? Want to know what kind of Air Raid places you need to run in middle school?

Then this is...

Jul 24, 2018

What's the first word that comes to your mind when someone says "Air Raid Offense"? Is it throwing for over 1,000 yards? Is it scoring 500 points? Or is it Hal Mumme and the Mesh Concept?

Because it better be Hal Mumme and the Mesh Concept.


Because the Mesh Concept is to Air Raid as the Veer is to the Flexbone and...

Jul 17, 2018

Do you want to create a system where you pass the ball down the field, but you want to tell the quarterback where to start his progression? Do you want to prove to the naysayers that you can throw the ball regardless of what age you are coaching? Do you want to be able to NOT have to worry if someone gets injured...

Jul 10, 2018

Do you want to run your plays at break neck speed? Do you want to know how you should game plan? Are you hurting yourself as an offensive coordinator by putting yourself above the team?

If you answered 'yes' to any of those questions, then this episode of Talking Football with Coach McKie  is for you. Why?

Because we...